Outfit #2 - I Cheated Already

As the title would suggest, I've already cheated on this 10x10, but again, capsuling isn't necessarily about being so restricted that it turns into a miserable experience. 

George and I had a day/night date. We went to the park to play basketball, had dinner at Savio Volpe, went to the Forty Faces art show, went back to the North Shore and went and saw Wonder Woman. That's a lot of husband-wife activity and I enjoyed every minute of it. 

Back to the outfit: I found this red number at Community on Abbot Street and it is most definitely not in my capsule. It's a red jumpsuit (I like to call it a boiler, but it's a little too fitted to fall under that category). It somehow fits perfectly, but that's the thing with vintage pieces - sometimes they fit terribly and other times they fit like a glove. Wore the jumpsuit with my red Ferragamos because monochroming in a bold colour is my new favourite as evidenced by this photoshoot by Kelsey McClellan.

More outfits coming soon!