Outfit - June 14


I’m trying my best to not drink during the work week. Last week, during the NBA finals and a Warriors win over Cleveland, I found myself two martinis deep on a Wednesday. I woke up feeling less than bright eyed and bushy tailed and late for work. Lucky for me, no headache or sluggishness followed, just a bout of shame for being so loose midweek.

Unfortunately for me, there's an event happening every Wednesday called Juice Bar held by our good friend Sion over at Gastown's The Birds and The Beets. The premise is three natural wines, red, white, and bubbles with a snack. George and I have been trying to go regularly since its inception, except for that Wednesday when I took to drinking martinis at home. It's a nice way to get out, a casual space to indulge in wine (just one!), and an overall good way to be introduced into natural wines; although it's a rabbit hole of wine discovery if you're privy to mysteries of taste. 

This outfit, though: orange And Other Stories sweater, Midnight Jesse Kamm pants, Clare V Kenya bag, and my London Drugs umbrella, because who knows? Also, who would have thought navy and orange would make such an attractive pair?