Outfit - June 11

I spent the weekend doing some cleaning, setting up patio furniture, gardening, took a spin class, and hanging out with my best friend's new little baby. She's a real sweetheart. Saturday outfit was my Rachel Comey jeans, with the J.Crew/St. James shirt. Same old, same old, but I got some more wears out of those pieces. 

I've noticed I have weekend attire. When I'm in the garden I obviously don't want to be wearing my office clothes. Weekend clothes are usually denim cut offs, a ratty old tee or sweater, and some sneakers. I'm thinking I need a do a closet overhaul for these "weekend clothes" because how many coffee sweaters does one need? (This coffee nerd says: ALL OF THEM). 

This is my transitional outfit to Cycle #2 and my church outfit. I wore those Alexander Wang pants and a second hand tank top that I brought to New York with me the first time because - voila! No bra necessary. Also, I can't stop with these Loeffler Randalls, but I'm thinking the next cycle will have to include either my Castaner espadrilles or silver Swedish Hasbeens. Love those shoes. I'm having a love affair with my summer wardrobe.