Outfit - June 12


This right here is Monday's outfit:

Polo t-shirt from Winners (four years old), Midnight Jesse Kamm pants (bought last year - almost a year old?), Loeffler Randall sandals (five years old).


I read this quote that put the lifestyle, minimalism, into perspective for me: 

"the point is minimalism isn't to own less stuff, it is to desire less". 

It is one thing to own less. Often an individual only appears as a minimalist, with that one fiddle fig leaf plant, one pouf, no artwork and stark white walls. Their heart isn't in it, though and they keep wanting more, so they keep purging, and keep wanting and I can imagine that could be quite the tumultuous way to live. 

It is entirely different to delve into your heart to make the switch and truly devote oneself to wanting less. 

I know in the summer it's very easy to be lured in by pretty summer clothes. I doubt I'm ever going to stop loving style, personal and otherwise. My ultimate goal is to merge my interest in fashion with my desire to want/need less. 

I realize now that when I buy things, it usually comes from a place of lacking. I want a new lipstick because it will make me feel better about a stressful day; I want a new pair of pants because I'm bored, I want a new bronzer because I've been bombarded by a negative coworker all day.  

Sure, I can purge 80% of the clothes in my closet right away but that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm going to start wanting less.

So there's a difference, That's where this maximalist is at right now.