Style Philosopy - June 2017

Spring is when my style comes to life. There are colours everywhere, the sunglasses become a regular everyday accessory and most importantly, I can wear my party shoes all day every day. (Party shoes consist of all the shoes I can't wear due to rainy weather). 

This year I'm doing it differently. Since I'm nearly a full-blown adult, I have meticulously thought out what pieces I would like to update my wardrobe for spring and summer. I don't want to fall into the bad habit of wanting, wanting, wanting new things without planning. I always end up tossing those things away because they never last and are always in the moment. 

This upcoming June I'm taking on three 10x10 challenges so I can get the most out of what I already own  - I have a lot of summer clothes. This is how I'm getting started.

1. Plan out what I want.
Because I've managed to plot out what pieces I would like to update my spring/summer wardrobe, I know to review this list when an urge to buy something on a whim attacks. I know that I want a new pair of flats. I've been obsessively checking The Real Real for a pair of flat Nicholas Kirkwood flats to no avail. I know that when I do find them the wait will have been worth it. [EDIT: I don't need new flats.]

2. Plan what I need. 
If we're being honest with each other, I don't need much. In fact, I don't need anything. Maybe some new socks but that's about it. The next time I find myself thinking "...but I NEED that", I will know deep down, that I really don't need anything at all. 

3. Know what I have. 
Every month I go through the things I own. Doing a monthly capsule has made this a reoccurring practice. Summer is a different story. I have a lot of summer dresses, sandals, tank tops and blouses that don't get wear in fall and winter. Knowing what I already have is important because I'm able to see an outfit I want to try out while knowing those items already exist in my wardrobe.

4. Stay away from trends.
I'm no stranger to picking up the latest trend and failing miserably at trying to pull it off. The best use of time and money is to go easy on trying out trends. Stick to what I know; the tried and true pieces. 

5. Stick to my style principles.
Pretty things are blinding. That dress might have all the right aesthetic but I must never forget the guidelines that got me here: Where is it made? What is it made of? Can I wear it with other things? Am I willing to pay that much for it? How will buying this piece impact the environment or the well being of others. These are important and essential questions I use to keep myself in check.

I'm documenting my 10x10's this month! Check back for updates. 

Love you.