Cycle #1 - Ten By Ten

Anyone watching the NBA finals? Yeah, me either. Well I was but had to walk out of the room. Still a Lebron fan. 

As mentioned, this month I'm doing a 10x10 capsule collection, but I'm doing it a little different. I'm doing three cycles to finish up the month of June and no shopping. I managed to spend a good wad of cash in New York, so a spending hiatus is in order. 

I've based the first cycle on a formula created by Into Mind's Anuschka Rees. It's made up of:

3 tops
1 dress
1 outer layer
3 bottoms
2 pairs of shoes*

*I tend to go lenient on my shoes. The point is not to be restricting to the point of torture, it's to be more mindful of what I have. 

Look #1:

This basketball tee was worn to commemorate the NBA finals. I got it from the men's chapter of Community on Cordova. It says ''HAYS HOOPS CAMP'' with what looks to be some kind of cavalier on the front. It might not originate in Cleveland, but it's close. Is Missouri close? 
Pants are Rachel Comey Bishops bought on sale at Nordstrom. They're kind of crazy and fit kind of weird but I'm a fan of the high-waist thing and thought they were quirky. They kind of have that "my mom DIY-ed-my-straight-leg-jeans-into-flares". The crotch is also off center, I don't know if it's intentional or not.
Not pictured are my gold Saltwater Sandals. A reliable summer go-to that can even be worn in the early days of summer where rain and sun within the hour is not unusual.

By the way, I came across this Youtube video of Stacy London talking about what style means to her and it's SOOOO good. It's long but I'm 17 minutes in and I can't stop. You can find it here.