Busy Bee

I hate to be the one to say that I’ve been busy lately, but I’ve been sooooo busy lately. I took off Monday July 4th because my work deals with several American customers. This entire week has been a losing game of catch up. I've noticed in this day and age “being busy” is an indicator of success. Having stuff to do and whilst having the opportunity to impart our busy-ness on others spawns a feeling of superiority.

I love being busy at work. It makes me feel professional. I love looking back at all the things I’ve accomplished, but in my personal life I’m not a fan of busy-ness. I guess I’ll never be able to relate to those who pride themselves on the hustle because it's just not my thing. I like the moments where I can sit on the couch with a good library book and cocktail minding my own business (pun not intended) and enjoying the relaxing moments. Maybe I'm too relaxed - it can be a bad quality too. But I'm mostly an optimist and I think relaxing and daily kicking up my feet is essential to contentment.

I suppose in some way being busy allows us to focus on different things. It lets us get caught up in the day to day and knock stuff off our to-do’s. Does being busy actually mean successful, though? What’s the point in being busy and not having the time to presently appreciate the accomplishments?  I admire people who are extremely hard workering and constantly have projects on the go. Sometimes it makes me feel inadequate, but I know deep down it just isn’t my personality. I know that I am less likely to feel the pains of burn out and being overwhelmed. Most of all I know that I can be just as free and content doing absolutely nothing during a time where we feel like we have to do everything.