Minimalism For The Maximalist - First Edition

I'm winging a capsule collection. 

I've done a bunch of reading about it, kind of studied it, tried to wrap my head around it, but I think the only way to ever do it is to just DO it. I'm in dire need of a new fashion challenge and thought this would be a good one with the end of summer (*ugly cry*) and the beginning of Fall. 

The concept is this: choose a set number of pieces for the entirety of a season (Caroline Joy of Unfancy does 37 pieces for three months), and do not shop for that entire season until the last two weeks wherein you buy a small amount of pieces to add to your wardrobe whilst rotating items.

Sounds scary, huh? 

I'm a maximalist. I don't live minimally by any means and I've come to terms with that. I love clothes - I think they love me. Oh wait, clothes are inanimate? Could have fooled me - why do I have this burning love for that Club Monaco trench vest I just bought? 

I'm trying this out as minimalism meets maximalism in an attempt to come to some kind of middle ground between the two. 

First things first, I've settled on forty pieces and they are taking me until the end of September starting now. That's two months. Two months of forty pieces (not including purses, workout clothes, jewelry, underwear and loungewear, cocktail attire is also exempt - I have a wedding to attend!).

Week 1: I'm still settling on the pieces I want to include in my capsule. So far they are a mix of things and honestly I don't know if I'm even doing it right. I feel like some pieces were chosen out of want instead of out of necessity and I might have totally blown it (is a polka dot jumpsuit actually a necessity? YES!) I've got nine pairs of shoes, nine bottoms, fifteen tops and seven coats/jackets/vests/scarves - other things. 

The colour scheme is rather underwhelming - it's not as fun and playful as I thought it would be but there's a lot of stripes and polka dots. I suppose dots are as vital to my well being as stripes. I have also included two pieces that I just bought online from Other Wild. 

My clothing is not laid out as organized as I would have liked. Currently there are pieces on our hanging rack and a pile of folded shirts and shorts on my ottoman. It doesn't LOOK very appealing which I'm sure is an important element in making a comprehensible capsule collection. The other thing is that I've already made a short little list of pieces to obtain at the end of the two months. Kind of sad. I'm thinking of keeping it to a specific number and cross things out and swap them in as time goes on. 

It's also a little bit difficult to plan for the end of summer as it's proven to be a challenge to predict the weather lately. 

That's all for this week, I'll keep thee updated as the experiment goes on.