Dressing Room Bandit: May 30th - June 5th

Last year I took on the challenge of a No Shopping Hiatus. For three months I went without shopping and as much as it was challenging it was also liberating. A girl I follow on Instagram has begun the challenge as well and I thought what better time to test myself than with the beginning of summer? Here it goes.


One of the first things I'm going to do when we move into our new place is invest in a full length mirror. That and a bed frame, I guess. Priorities, Robyn. In exhibit A, we have my favourite button up in all the land - men's, thrifted and horizontal stripes. Some vintage Levi's bought from Ten Over Six in LA, and my Castaner espadrille wedges. I had been looking for a good pair of these not made in China and I found them on Matches Fashion. They accompanied me to Greece and Montreal earlier this month and have proven to be a just investment. 


Exhibit B we have a crowd pleaser (more toddler pleaser), the Mickey Mouse sweater bought at Used on Granville, a pair of white high waisted shorts from the Salvation Army, and my trusty pair of Loeffler Randall Henry sandals heavily inspired by the chic women of the New York subway. My husband is always on my side. 


Today I chose a giant navy blue jumpsuit covered in polka dots. I'm having a thing with polka dots this week apparently. One week it's stripes, next week it's polka dots, the week following could be florals. Who knows. I got this little number from a shop in Los Angeles on Abbot Kinney. The brand is Sechung and made in LA. Shoes are Loeffler Randall from yesterday, bag is 3.1 Philip Lim and a little too much. 


So, I've taken to using change rooms for my own personal use of documenting outfits. What can I say, I'm resourceful, but maybe a little wasteful when it comes to other people's time. I never intend to buy whatever I bring into the change room. Here we have my attempt at some kind of athleisure. The forecast said rain and I woke up with about 20 minutes before having to jet out the door this morning. Army shirt from Madewell (has gotten some great use as it is a shirt that moonlights as Army jacket), my thrifted A.P.C. shirt with little yellow hearts, my self-cropped Levi's, Nike runners, my The Stowe perforated buffalo leather tote. And a Winner's change room. Tiens! 


Here we have a classic case of a pair of shoes that take forever to break in. I guess not forever since I just got them a week and a half ago, but to me that's forever. Top to bottom: striped shirt from And Other Stories in New York (I'm craving the Big Apple lately, as it has now been two years since my first exposure and I'm getting an itch to go back). The tote is by The Stowe, a talented lady from back east (Montreal), Jesse Kamm white sailor pants, Isabel Marant ballet slippers. 
Why it matters: The shirt is made in Portugal and whenever I go travelling I'm on the hunt for the perfect striped shirt - it's a never ending quest. The bag is made in Canada and is a sizeable effort that can house all my crap. The pants are made in the US and they look good on everyone and they're white and make me feel like a 70's bombshell. Finally, the shoes are made in Italy, black leather, versatile and ankle-strapped creating the illusion of small ankles, feet and legs. 


Again, I'm a dressing room bandit. I'm thinking of renaming this series as such. Today I went to Nordstrom for a new bra and bought my cousin a little something to commemorate her wedding next week! Tonight is her stag - so I'm gearing up for dinner, drinks, and lady banter. This was right after my 8am spin class, so no make up. This romper was bought in SF at Nordstrom rack. It's Equipment and has a star cluster print, the shoes are the Loeffler Randalls and the bag in the background is my perforated tote by The Stowe. 

Later that night brought me to my cousin's bachelorette party (let wedding week commence, and give my cuz a big old thumbs up for tying the knot). As seen here in this terrible excuse for a mirror selfie: dress from Zara circa 2014 also worn to my engagement party. Also a great encourager of sitting like a lady since the bodice is so tight the slightest movement of my torso could cause the zipper to split, Loeffler Randall clutch/purse thing that I equate to fish scales, and a great pair of Rachel Comey Rules that I love and whose design has been outshined by the Mars bootie and ugly (awersome) denim - I've never seen these shoes on anyone's feet but my own and they were the cheaper, more approachable version of a Margiela bootie. Sorry (not sorry) for the phone pic.