Dress By The Moon

This is my attempt to subtly transition into a discussion on periods. Specifically, what it actually means to dress as instituted by shark week: giving up all freedom to dress as one pleases in order to accommodate the hormones.

There are cultures that celebrate it on the same level as birthdays. Other cultures treat it like a disease. Cultural opinions aside, it's natural and imperative that we learn to live with, because it's going to be around for a little while. 

The beauty of this time is overshadowed by its limiting qualities, namely what I want to wear and when. Things that I learned never to wear leading up to and during include:

-tight clothing that emphasize bloating
-heels that make the cramps in my legs that much more unbearable
-occasionally bright colours that don't reflect my cloudy, irritable mood
-any kind of concealing face makeup that could potentially exacerbate any surfacing hormonal pimples
-finally, the piece de resistance and the ultimate "no": white pants

When I was thirteen, I had the unfortunate experience of using tampons for the first time and it was a nightmare. Being at summer camp whilst learning the ropes (hah) of tampons is highly inconvenient. Thankfully I've learned a lot since then. 

How can we still have the freedom to dress how we want while riding the crimson wave? First of all, it's not about flow, it's about having a plan. Now is not the time to experiment.

-tshirt dresses, the ultimate bloat reliever
-whip out those Nike Blazers or chunky wedges, now is not the time for stilettos - a solid, cushioned surface is your friend
-high waisted anything: underwear, pants, skirts, you name it. It feels like a warm uterus hug
-bright accessories to perk up the mood: head scarfs, fun sunglasses, a bright lipstick, flashy jewelry

See? Periods aren't always a drag. Work around it and be smart while accommodating. And hey, if for whatever reason you can't get off the couch because you've got first day period blues, no problem. You do you, just make sure you're not at summer camp and it's not your first rodeo with a tampon.