shiny and new

Humans are continually on the look out for new things. As a moth to a flame, so are people to the new. I recently read (in a book, no less) that our brains are chemically inclined to be attracted to visually new stuff. Hence, that somewhat icky feeling we get when we open Instagram, close it, and then get an urge to open it half a second later in hopes that something new has happened. The book likened it to an addiction. Seeing new things sparks up a hormonal change that makes us crave that feeling more, which is why we sometimes find ourselves so deep in the Youtube watching Segway crashes. 

I've been having feelings of restlessness lately. I've been craving something new, a new experience, a new excitement. The past couple years have been chalk full of new experiences and now that I've found myself in a period of stillness (good yet not exciting) I've been wanting wanting wanting. I'm trying to teach myself that not being in a constant wave of excitement is a good thing, and there are benefits to simply going about the days, living life in the moment. I've learned to take these times as a blessing, they don't come around too often and to use this time of tranquility to figure stuff out. There might not be another time. 

It's safe to say that not all new shiny things are good. Some are simply a brief distraction from the things we should really be focusing on. 

For now, instead of seeking out something new to satisfy these feelings of obtaining the new - I'm going to focus on contentment in restlessness. Explore the good feeling of wanting what I don't yet have. I know there will come a point where life will be overwhelming and I'm going to wish I used this period of not knowing to reflect on what I DID know. My past experiences have taught me that it's important to look ahead and plan for what's coming, even if it's not obvious what that is yet.  At the least that's something I do know.