Outfits June 23 - 29

Real quick - this is the week in outfits and last week of the June 10x10! 

Friday: Went for dinner at a new French restaurant on the outskirts of Gastown.

Equipment button up blouse dress,
silver Swedish Hasbeens, big hair

Saturday: Went and watched a women's football tournament with my bestie from Olympia. Then went and saw a guitar performance downtown.

Blue Topshop tank, Rachel Comey jeans, Saltwater Sandals, Karen Walker sunglasses

Sunday: Hung around, had pizza for dinner. Had a perfectly lazy day.

Caron Callahan jean shorts, Nordstrom black camisole, Loeffler Randall Sandals

Monday - the start of a new work week.

Rachel Comey jeans, thrifted animal print tank, Eugenia Kim headband, Isabel Marant flats

Tuesday - went to my parents to watch a movie and have dinner. 

J Brand jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs top, Prada Sandals

Wednesday - Hump Day and a couple glasses of wine with a friend after work.

Black shorts from the Philippines, thrifted button up, Saltwater Sandals, changed to Loeffler Randalls for dinner/drinks

Thursday - my boss' birthday and spin class after work and two glasses of wine. Also, I hit 300 classes on Classpass!

Rachel Comey jeans, And Other Stories striped top, Prada Sandals

What did I learn through all of this? I really like documenting what I'm wearing. I suppose in the same way people write about their days extensively, I like remembering what happened through what I wore. It's like that Nora Ephron play "Love, Loss, and What I Wore".

What did I learn about my wardrobe? I'm currently in style transition. I notice that a lot of the pieces that I have in my closet that I really love and have loved, don't really suit my style or taste anymore. They don't have the fit I like, particularly the bottoms I chose this go-round. As I've already established, I lean heavily towards those pieces that are high waisted. They are the most comfortable to me. Bottoms that don't have this quality make me feel like the person I used to be. It's time to give those pieces up. I never realized how connected my past is to my clothing and how representative they are of a past me. 

Here's a shout out to those who followed along!

Outfits - June 20, 21, 22


Not to be a downer, but now is about the time we need to take every opportunity possible to enjoy the weather because Vancouver has been waiting all year for this. I know in about four months when the weather turns bad and it's all rainy and dark again we're going to look back at these times and wonder "where did it all go?"

Where did it all go? I'm already at my third and final capsule of this month. 

I have a confession. I bought a pair of pants. After all of that time "shopping my closet" and "enjoying what I already own", I succumbed. That's okay. Life is all about the process, right? I've made it through a lot of my summer clothes so far. I should keep a record and make it a goal for the end of the summer to have gotten use out of all of my clothes that I already own. 

How do I quantify that? 

Tuesday's outfit:

Those Midnight Jesse Kamm pants that I love so much, one of my favourite button ups in the WHOLE WORLD (thrifted and over six years old). I don't know what it is about this piece, it fits so well and I love the navy horizontal stripe action going on. I finished it all off with my Isabel Marant flats and my Clare V purse. 

Wednesday's outfit:

This other top that I love oh so much and have gotten so much wear out of: a Marc by Marc Jacobs geometric/polka dot top with tie (six years old), a pair of black shorts bought in the Philippines (seven years old), and my Isabel Marant flats. 

Thursday, first day of third 10x10:

So, those pants I was talking about... Rachel Comey slim legion in black, that fit really well, but I'm thinking of having them taylored for the ultimate/perfect fit. I wore them with this Uniqlo x Liberty tee I bought last year in San Fran. I was wearing my Loeffler Randall sandals, but took them off to ensure maximum air flow and our apartment is HOT. South facing, not complaining!

I haven't switched out my shoes that much this capsule, so I'm going to make a point of it this coming up ten days to do that. 

More 'fits coming at ya tomorrow, xoxo.